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It’s powerful, it’s easy, it’s free and it’s accessible: LAUGH? Laugh everyday !! no matter what !!!

*Force a laugh it will make you feel better. That’s because it tricks our brain to think that we are actually laughing and are happy.
*Do you know laughter:
  •  increase the level of happy hormones
  • reduce the level of stress hormones
  • improves blood supply to other organs as you inhale more oxygen
  • influences your perspective on things that appear a lot more serious than they actually are .

**You are lot more likely to laugh and smile, if you have a smile that you’re happy with.

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You are worth it ?

Dentures Vs Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause numerous problems for patients, so considering treatment for replacing the tooth is strongly recommended.

However, when it comes to choosing the most suitable and effective treatment, patients are often unsure whether to choose dentures or dental implants.

According to the World Dental website, dental implants are a better solution in the majority of cases. People often think that dentures are a cheaper option.

But in the long run this may not be the case, as dentures are not very durable and need to be replaced every ten years on average.

By contrast, dental implants present patients with higher up-front costs, but if the treatment is carried out by a reliable professional, implants can last a lifetime.

Will dental implants last a lifetime? Once the implant has fused with your jawbone and tissues, the artificial titanium implant acts as an ordinary root.

The longevity of your implant depends on how you improve and maintain your oral health.

Limca Book of World Record – Dr Akash Sachdeva

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” ― Vince Lombardi

Why Dental Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak important

Why Dental Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak important, And How To Care For Your Mouth

As it is well said, The mouth is a window to your overall health.

The mouth is a portal for taking in all kinds of things, including the coronavirus, oral care is essential right now.

Oral conditions may impact infection in other parts of the body, especially in people with a compromised immune system.

We need to keep that microbiome in check, and keep you from an emergency dental visit during lockdown and quarantine.

We share advice on this:

1). Brush, floss, rinse, repeat.

Preventative measures like brushing and flossing are a must, as it might help in improving and maintain good oral hygiene .

An electric or ultrasonic toothbrush is a better option for removing bacteria and keeping teeth and gums healthy,”

Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride to prevent cavities.

Over-the-counter mouthwashes helps reducing the bacteria found around the gumline called tartar and plaque.

We recommend gargling with a hydrogen peroxide solution if you’re getting over a cold or flu.

Use a 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide ,Anything stronger is likely to cause irritation. Mix two parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide.” Limit this practice to a few times a week. “Overuse can damage the normal flora and bio ecosystem of the mouth and allow the opportunity for fungal infections to appear,” this is to be noted.

2 ). Clean and replace your toothbrush often.

The bristles of your toothbrush can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
“Fungi, like candida, can live on a toothbrush,” . “Because people are on high alert right now, a good tip is to rinse your brush with hydrogen peroxide every day to keep the bristles clean.”

Toothbrushes should be replaced when the bristles become bent or frayed,”. Don’t go longer than three months with the same brush.

3). Stop sharing oral hygiene

Periodontal disease, a common septic condition caused by poor hygiene and candidiasis, an oral yeast infection also called thrush, can be spread easily via toothbrush. So can “viruses such as streptococcus mutans, which can cause MRSA infections as well as Herpes simplex and HPV, a virus linked to esophageal, oral and cervical cancers,” best dentist in Kirti Nagar said. Plus, “bleeding gums can spread a bloodborne illness.”

Because we’re in the midst of a viral outbreak, to avoid cross contamination, anything you handle with your hands prior to putting in your mouth should not be shared.

4). Consider oil pulling.

Swish raw, organic coconut oil in your mouth for five to 10 minutes to help kill viruses in the mouth. Oil pulling can soothe sensitive gums, as coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, according to a 2010 study.

5). Don’t pick chapped lips.

Stay hydrated, consider using a humidifier and moisturize lips with a gentle product. Resist licking, as this exacerbates dry skin.

6). Try tongue scraping.

“Debris, bacteria and dead cells can build up on your tongue over time, can lead to bad breath and have a negative impact on your overall oral health”. “Using a tongue scraper can help remove this buildup and help with overall hygiene.” So go ahead and balance the body’s microbiome, boost immunity and have a little fun with this final step in your oral hygiene routine.

Experts are still learning about the novel coronavirus. The information in this article is what was known or available, but possible guidance around COVID-19 could change as scientists discover more about the virus.

Correcting Dental Diastemas

A beautiful smile speaks for itself.

For most patients a gap between their front teeth can be the one small thing to not feel confident about.

It is preventing them from smiling,  you may hide your smile or not smile as often.

The main ways to close the gaps are

  1. Bonded Composite restorations (95%)
  2. Orthodontics (3%)
  3. Dental Veneers (2%)

At the M.R. DENTAL & SURGICAL CENTER, we offer cosmetic dentistry as a way of creating your smile and recapturing your confidence.

Dental Procedures

Learn About The Most Frequent Dental Procedures

The advancement of technology has not been limited only to the development of computers, cell phones and video games for new generations. With the passage of time, the health sciences have also benefited from the new technologies that have been used and, oral health is one of the most benefited from this.

With the passage of time, more and more procedures are emerging that are being implemented by the dentist to improve the health of the dentition or some alterations in the smiles; however, there are some that continue to be traditional.

Cleaning procedures, aesthetics or replacement of dental pieces are the most common that can be found at the dental clinic; however, there are some that stand out above others.

All are dedicated to specific areas of dental therapy. Always thinking about giving the best treatment to patients who seek to have the best smile. After all, a pretty smile increases the self-esteem of people, which makes us feel more confident. In fact, it is shown that individuals with well-cared-for teeth make a better impression on the rest of people.

Better dental treatments

  • Dental cleanings: Teeth whitening serves to get rid of the accumulation of tartar that cannot be eliminated only with brushing at home. The tartar accumulated in the teeth favors the development of bacteria causing tooth decay and periodontal disease. Removing it every 6 months prevents infections and keeps our teeth healthy.
  • Fillings or dental fillings: when we cannot avoid the appearance of caries and this develops, it is necessary to eliminate it and replace the damaged piece of tooth with a dental filling. After sleeping in the area to be treated, the best dentist in Kirti Nagar will use the necessary instruments to eliminate the infected tissue. The area in question will be cleaned and the filling will be applied. This can be made with porcelain or metal.
  • Crowns: this is a cover for teeth that have been broken by a blow or damaged due to a large dental caries. The crowns are usually placed on the tooth after performing the corresponding endodontics or dental implant. They recover the functionality of the piece, but also its aesthetics, which in many cases is used only to improve the appearance of the smile.
  • Root canals: when the cavities reach the pulp inside the tooth, it can generate a really painful infection. Then a root canal treatment in Kirti Nagar is necessary to eliminate the pulp that has been damaged and prevent the infection from spreading further, causing tooth loss. For this, biocompatible material that fills the tooth is used. Normally it ends with the placement of a crown.
  • Extractions: when the tooth cannot be saved, the last option is to remove it to avoid further complications. Extraction is performed under local anesthesia by an oral surgeon in Delhi to prevent the patient from suffering any pain. It is usually an outpatient process but, in some cases, such as wisdom tooth extraction, surgery may be required.

Now, when it comes to children’s treatments, there is another interesting variety. Not everything has stayed with treatments for adults. Children’s dentistry is a branch that has been growing at the same pace as technology. Now we find several therapies that have given new alternatives for the little ones in the house.

Frequent dental treatments in pediatric dentistry are responsible for preventing more serious problems with oral health. That is why this method has different procedures for both children and adults. Below, we detail the most common processes to know what it is and what is its procedure.

  1. Sealing: is one of the most common and widespread treatments in children when they have some carries. A filling is made, or more popularly known as filling. It is also often used to cover small fractures that have not affected the dental nerve.
  2. Fissure and fissure sealants:  this is a simple and painless treatment in which the pits and fissures of the definitive molars are filled with a plastic layer to protect them from cavities. It is an intervention recommended for people prone to develop caries.
  3. Pulpectomy: This is a very common treatment among children. It is a process similar to endodontics since it is done when caries has affected the dental pulp. During the procedure, the part of the damaged nerve is removed and the conduits are filled with biocompatible materials.

Thanks to this, is that oral health has grown so much in recent years. Each of these procedures gives a plus to dental medicine. Now, all that remains is to keep regular visits to the dentist in Rajouri Garden to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, so that, if you have not been to the dental clinic for more than a year, ask for an appointment with your trusted dentist.

Remember that oral health requires that you maintain appropriate oral hygiene habits on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly brush your teeth, floss and rinse your mouth. This, along with periodic visits to the dentist in Delhi will keep your teeth healthy.

tooth care in summer

Oral Tips for Summer

Summer is to enjoy, but always moderating bad habits and misbehavior, thus maintaining our oral hygiene while enjoying the summer vacation.

In this article I will explain a number of tips that you must follow during the summer to maintain proper oral health:

  • Never forget, take your oral hygiene kit anywhere. The ideal thing is to make a case with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, all in mini size to be able to take it everywhere in your bag or suitcase.
  • It does not matter that you are away from home during meals, you should brush after each meal your teeth with your oral hygiene kit, to eliminate all those remains of food that remain in your mouth.
  • Hydrate. During the summer, the sensation of thirst is greater than the rest of the year, so the ideal is that you are continuously drinking water to get your mouth wet since the dry mouth facilitates the development of bacteria. You should drink about two and a half liters of water a day.
  • The excesses are never good, so although we know that ice cream and carbonated drinks are essential in the summer, keep a check, as they contain large amounts of sugar.
  • Follow a healthy diet, accompanied by fruits, vegetables, and water, avoiding carbonated drinks that you know contain acid and can damage your enamel.
  • Reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. During the summer it is usual to stay with friends, where the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is increased, so the ideal is that you have control and moderation.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature in your mouth, because when you put ice, ice cream or cold drinks in your mouth, the contrast is so sharp that the enamel is damaged and can produce sensitivity.

And if you present any pain or persistent discomfort, do not hesitate to go to a dentist in Delhi in the area or an emergency doctor to assess your discomfort and treat them as soon as possible, thus preventing the process from evolving.

Do not forget to go to your dentist even if it’s summer

We know it’s time to enjoy, but we can not forget or leave aside our daily oral hygiene. Apart from that, the ideal is to take advantage of these vacations or free days to go to the dentist. Normally, children have school and classes throughout the day in the year, making it difficult to go to the best dentist in Delhi for a routine mouth check and oral hygiene. Therefore, it is ideal to take advantage of these summer days to make an appointment at a trusted dental clinic and go with your child for a dental check-up.

In addition, it is a time that by spending more time with the family, we are more aware of children. Although we should do routine checks at home always to observe any problem, it is true that in this holiday season, having more time and spending more time together, we can observe them more closely and be aware of any problem to go to the dentist in Kirti Nagar as soon as possible.

In this dental review, they will explore the child’s mouth and observe their oral hygiene. To observe the plaque on your teeth, there are plaque developers; which stains the bacterial plaque of the teeth, thus being able to visually teach them the dirt on their teeth.

Through a brush and a mirror, we can teach you how to brush, what is the movement you must do to remove all the dirt from your mouth. We will always try to make it as fun as possible so that the child has fun, it seems entertaining and take the routine of brushing your teeth as soon as possible.

At this appointment, your entire mouth will be checked and the necessary radiographic tests will be carried out to rule out the presence of caries, gum problems or even problems of delayed tooth eruption. Thus achieving a follow-up of the growth and eruption of the child’s teeth.

If you have a problem, some tooth decay or gum problem or rash, the ideal would be to take advantage of this summer vacation to start treatment and avoid the evolution and greater severity of these problems.