April 23, 2019

Oral Tips for Summer

Summer is to enjoy, but always moderating bad habits and misbehavior, thus maintaining our oral hygiene while enjoying the summer vacation.

In this article I will explain a number of tips that you must follow during the summer to maintain proper oral health:

  • Never forget, take your oral hygiene kit anywhere. The ideal thing is to make a case with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, all in mini size to be able to take it everywhere in your bag or suitcase.
  • It does not matter that you are away from home during meals, you should brush after each meal your teeth with your oral hygiene kit, to eliminate all those remains of food that remain in your mouth.
  • Hydrate. During the summer, the sensation of thirst is greater than the rest of the year, so the ideal is that you are continuously drinking water to get your mouth wet since the dry mouth facilitates the development of bacteria. You should drink about two and a half liters of water a day.
  • The excesses are never good, so although we know that ice cream and carbonated drinks are essential in the summer, keep a check, as they contain large amounts of sugar.
  • Follow a healthy diet, accompanied by fruits, vegetables, and water, avoiding carbonated drinks that you know contain acid and can damage your enamel.
  • Reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. During the summer it is usual to stay with friends, where the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is increased, so the ideal is that you have control and moderation.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature in your mouth, because when you put ice, ice cream or cold drinks in your mouth, the contrast is so sharp that the enamel is damaged and can produce sensitivity.

And if you present any pain or persistent discomfort, do not hesitate to go to a dentist in Delhi in the area or an emergency doctor to assess your discomfort and treat them as soon as possible, thus preventing the process from evolving.

Do not forget to go to your dentist even if it’s summer

We know it’s time to enjoy, but we can not forget or leave aside our daily oral hygiene. Apart from that, the ideal is to take advantage of these vacations or free days to go to the dentist. Normally, children have school and classes throughout the day in the year, making it difficult to go to the best dentist in Delhi for a routine mouth check and oral hygiene. Therefore, it is ideal to take advantage of these summer days to make an appointment at a trusted dental clinic and go with your child for a dental check-up.

In addition, it is a time that by spending more time with the family, we are more aware of children. Although we should do routine checks at home always to observe any problem, it is true that in this holiday season, having more time and spending more time together, we can observe them more closely and be aware of any problem to go to the dentist in Kirti Nagar as soon as possible.

In this dental review, they will explore the child’s mouth and observe their oral hygiene. To observe the plaque on your teeth, there are plaque developers; which stains the bacterial plaque of the teeth, thus being able to visually teach them the dirt on their teeth. Through a brush and a mirror, we can teach you how to brush, what is the movement you must do to remove all the dirt from your mouth. We will always try to make it as fun as possible so that the child has fun, it seems entertaining and take the routine of brushing your teeth as soon as possible. At this appointment, your entire mouth will be checked and the necessary radiographic tests will be carried out to rule out the presence of caries, gum problems or even problems of delayed tooth eruption. Thus achieving a follow-up of the growth and eruption of the child’s teeth. If you have a problem, some tooth decay or gum problem or rash, the ideal would be to take advantage of this summer vacation to start treatment and avoid the evolution and greater severity of these problems.