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The impact of covid on oral health & tips to reverse the damage.

In my practice amid pandemic, I have seen many cases of dry mouth, micro cracks in teeth, swollen gums, rough mucous, and dental decay.

Its pretty significant the impact that COVID has had on not only oral health, but also facial health – headaches, ringing ears, etc.

Reason for this:

  • Masks stressful for many – increase in dry mouth, less oxygen
  • Stress – Increase in teeth grinding, muscle tension, oral acidity levels (due to medications, eating disorders, irregularity in water intake and many more).

How to reverse this:

  • Find a dentist you trust and connect with.
  • Eat dental detergent foods: celery, cucumber, green tea, apple etc.
  • Alkalize your mouth: warm water rinse, baking soda rinses, hydroxyapatite toothpaste, oil pulling (coconut) and tongue scraping.
  • Get a night guard: it protects your teeth from further wear and tear.

I hope this information is helpful! You can share this with anyone who has endured stress during this last year and a half.

Let’s replace ugly and toxic silver fillings

Let’s replace ugly and toxic silver fillings !!!

Finally, FDA stated that silver fillings are no longer considered safe to be placed in patient’s mouth.

Silver fillings comprises over 50% of mercury, which is one of the most toxic elements that can heavily impact our health.

So, if you have any silver fillings, it’s really important to think of replacing them with tooth coloured composite fillings.

Impact of Stress on Teeth

Stress has a tremendous impact on our oral health, teeth, gums, and jaw. This is not uncommon if you wake up in the morning with achy jaw; but it’s also not something to ignore. When you grind your teeth, you’re putting the equivalent of 150 pounds of pressure on lower jaw. I am sure you understand that this amount of strain can cause some damage over the time.

Don’t let this fact add to your stress. We have solution for the teeth grinding habit / problem.

You have to schedule an appointment with us and let us do good for you. We are likely to set up a night guard for you, which is basically a piece of silicon thing you put over your teeth. These are customised as per your fit.

Now you can relax and enjoy pain free mornings, knowing that your teeth are well protected.

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Gum Health in Menopausal Women

During menopause, there is a drop in sex hormones.

We have sex hormone receptors in our salivary glands and our oral tissues-same as we have on our vaginal tissues :

Sounds crazy!!

So when we have a major drop in these hormone levels especially estrogen & progesterone, we can feel oral discomfort, if ignored or left untreated can implant our dental health & also mental health.

Note: these are the most common discomforts felt by menopausal women:

  1. Xerostomia: due to decrease in salivary flow there is increased occurrence of dental decay.
  2. Taste alterations: dysesthesia
  3. Loosening of teeth-due to osteoporotic jaws.
  4. Gum problems- Atropic gingivitis leading to severe gum diseases.
  5. Burning mouth syndrome-due to decline in Vitamin B12 .

Oral Care

I don’t recommend use of mouthwash as necessary to your dental routine, unlike the commercials shows you, your mouth wash will not go between your teeth and remove bad stuff – only thorough brushing and flossing will do that.

If you still insist on mouth washing then make sure it does not contain alcohol. The alcohol in mouth wash causes dryness in the mouth leading to occurrence of caries and few more bad effects.

Dental Implant – Restoring Your Tooth

Dental Implants 

The treatment is done to replace one or more teeth.

Without teeth the jaw bone starts to disappear gradually, traditional solutions is removable dentures or fixed bridges .

However dentures are uncomfortable can cause soreness while fixed bridges involves cutting down on healthy tooth structure to create space.

Dental implant on other hand are strong, durable, comfortable and feel like natural teeth.😊


It’s powerful, it’s easy, it’s free and it’s accessible: LAUGH😊 Laugh everyday !! no matter what !!!

*Force a laugh it will make you feel better. That’s because it tricks our brain to think that we are actually laughing and are happy.
*Do you know laughter:
  •  increase the level of happy hormones
  • reduce the level of stress hormones
  • improves blood supply to other organs as you inhale more oxygen
  • influences your perspective on things that appear a lot more serious than they actually are .

**You are lot more likely to laugh and smile, if you have a smile that you’re happy with.

We are happy to help you, only if you visit us 🌿
You are worth it 🌷