October 18, 2021

The impact of covid on oral health & tips to reverse the damage.

In my practice amid pandemic, I have seen many cases of dry mouth, micro cracks in teeth, swollen gums, rough mucous, and dental decay.

Its pretty significant the impact that COVID has had on not only oral health, but also facial health – headaches, ringing ears, etc.

Reason for this:

  • Masks stressful for many – increase in dry mouth, less oxygen
  • Stress – Increase in teeth grinding, muscle tension, oral acidity levels (due to medications, eating disorders, irregularity in water intake and many more).

How to reverse this:

  • Find a dentist you trust and connect with.
  • Eat dental detergent foods: celery, cucumber, green tea, apple etc.
  • Alkalize your mouth: warm water rinse, baking soda rinses, hydroxyapatite toothpaste, oil pulling (coconut) and tongue scraping.
  • Get a night guard: it protects your teeth from further wear and tear.

I hope this information is helpful! You can share this with anyone who has endured stress during this last year and a half.