dentist in narainaWhen is dental filling necessary?

When the tooth surface is damaged, a dental filling may be necessary. The main cause of a damaged enamel is usually tooth decay. In addition to caries, even in the event of wear or dental chipping, the best treatment could be dental filling.

We can prevent the need for obturation with proper dental hygiene, with adequate nutrition and with regular checks by the dentist in Naraina. Unfortunately, caries is a very common disease that could affect everyone. In the event that the enamel is damaged, the most sensitive part of the dentine will be damaged as a result and could cause more serious problems. Obturation prevents the spread of infection. It is advisable to contact the best dentist in Naraina at the first signs. The sooner the problem is treated, the less invasive the treatment will be.

How is the filling performed?

The dental filling is a routine treatment, during which the dentist in Naraina removes the carious part and replaces it with a suitable material. This material protects the dentine after the hardening instead of the enamel.

The types of filling

Nowadays you can choose between different types of filling depending on your economic situation or your aesthetic concept at a dental clinic in Naraina. We have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials, thus making the decision easier!

Amalgam filling

The amalgam filling, very common in the past, is composed of 75% silver and the rest of other metals. Nowadays it is often replaced with aesthetic fillings.
Advantages: The amalgam is really resistant therefore it lasts very long. From an economic point of view, it is the most advantageous.
Disadvantages: Due to the metallic content one must be alert to potential health risks. The amalgam has a different thermal expansion from the tooth, therefore it could cause fractures. The compound is not chemically linked to the natural tooth, so caries may develop in the detachment between the filling and the tooth. Furthermore, amalgam is not very acceptable from an aesthetic point of view.

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Composite filling

Composite fillings, also called “white or aesthetic fillings” have now completely replaced those in amalgam. These are the most common fillings.
Advantages: The composite not only aesthetically but also in its consistency is very similar to the natural tooth. It carries no health risk. It binds chemically to the tooth so caries cannot develop under the filling. Less healthy tissue must be removed during treatment. Glass ionomer fillings prevent the formation of further caries.
Disadvantages: The duration of these fillings is not so long. They are not always indicated for molar teeth.

Dental inlay – Inlays and Onlays

The dental inlay is extremely resistant, it is recommended to use it only in case of greater damage in the dental structure. The dental technician prepares the custom inlay in the laboratory, after which the oral surgeon in Naraina fixes it to the tooth with a special adhesive material. Inlays can be composed of gold, composite or porcelain. The onlay inlay covers the entire surface of the tooth while if it is applied inside the surface we call it inlay.
Advantages: The filling is more resistant than all other types (amalgam, composite). Not only aesthetically but also in terms of functionality, it is better than other fillings.
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, economically speaking it is the most expensive solution of all.

Teeth sealing

Molar tooth cleaning is really difficult. Teeth sealing is recommended to prevent the formation of caries on the molars. A special resin is applied to the chewing surface to protect the enamel and facilitate the maintenance of oral hygiene. This treatment is recommended especially for children but can be used on healthy teeth even in adulthood.
Advantages: We can prevent dental diseases and ensure oral health.
Disadvantages: The treated tooth must be checked every six months by the best dentist – in Naraina but it has no other disadvantages!

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