Oral surgery for teeth and gums

Oral surgery is a broad field that covers different types of treatments. However, the techniques that are carried out to perform surgical interventions are very similar: they require anesthesia and approach the procedure from a small incision in the gum.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a specialty of dentistry that surgically treats diseases or defects of the teeth and gums . Among the most frequent treatments in this area we can find gum grafts, gingivectomies, extractions of wisdom teeth or canine fenestrations.

Types of oral surgery

Oral surgery includes treatments such as the following:

Gum graft

It aims to increase the gingival tissue of a gum that has been retracted and exposes the root of the tooth. This occurs as a result of aggressive brushing and causes tooth sensitivity.


It consists of removing part of the gum tissue from a gum that has grown disproportionately. Its objective is to discover the tooth so that it looks bigger and correct the gummy smile.


They are performed as a last option , when conservative treatment does not work. They are used when the tooth is in poor condition due to caries, fracture or severe periodontitis.

Extractions of wisdom teeth

They are the most common type of extraction. It is done when the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to erupt, which causes pain, infection or other dental problems.

Canine fenestration

It is done during an orthodontic treatment. It consists of removing the bone and mucosa that is around an enclosed canine to access it. Thus, the orthodontist can place a bracket and align the tusk to the arch.

Coronary lengthening

It is carried out to remove a part of the gum and expose more surface of the tooth. It has a restorative objective, since it is done in cases where there is a caries or a fracture below the gum.


It is used to eliminate an infection that affects the root of the tooth and adjacent tissues. The causes of this can be extensive caries or severe trauma .


They are carried out during an orthodontic treatment in which extractions are necessary to gain space . They serve to produce changes in the metabolism of the bone and that the neighboring teeth occupy the empty space faster.


They are used during an orthodontic treatment and are small fixings that are placed on the bone. In this way, they serve as an anchor to perform different movements in the teeth.

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