Teeth Whitening for a Bright Smile

You want to display a sparkling smile and radiant health? Only disadvantage: your teeth are yellow, dull, gray … Sign of the time that passes, heredity or consequence of external factors, the dyschromia (alteration of the color) can be improved.

It is indeed possible to whiten your teeth thanks to treatments and aesthetic treatments perfectly effective, without pain and immediate results. By calling a dentist in Delhi, you give your smile to a professional who knows exactly what to do to restore its whiteness.

teeth whitening in rajouri garden


The teeth whitening in Kirti Nagar is to recover the original color of your teeth or a lighter shade than the present. This one is different from one person to another. This is why the best dentist in Delhi will first use a color chart to set the goal of whiteness to achieve on a case by case basis. It is the assurance of finding a tailor-made smile, in harmony with your face and your complexion.


The term whitening has long been used to define the action of restoring luster to a dentition. There is also talk of “enlightenment” to designate this treatment, which is undoubtedly closer to reality. It is about getting the best result in accordance with your wish and our advice.

teeth whitening in kirti nagar


Many factors intervene in the evolution of the color of the teeth. In the first place, the age; with the years, the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, decreases in thickness and reveals the naturally yellow hue of the dentine. Oral hygiene is also involved in yellowing; Tartar buildup and dental plaque distort the color of the dentition.

But dull, yellowed or blackened teeth also have other origins:

  • Genetic reasons
  • Lifestyle habits: food (coffee, tea, sweet foods, red fruits, wine …), dental hygiene, tobacco …
  • Some medicines, antibiotics and medical treatments
  • A traumatic shock
  • Devitalized teeth

Whatever the reason for the discoloration of your teeth, there is a therapeutic solution to make them whiter. Far from a great same technique as active charcoal, first consult a dentist in Rajouri Garden who will diagnose your dentition and correctly guide you on the treatment to adopt for teeth whitening in Rajouri Garden.


Several techniques aim to teeth whitening in Tagore Garden; they can be combined with each other according to the cases of dyschromia.

teeth whitening in punjabi bagh

Scaling, the first step for effective teeth whitening in Punjabi Bagh

After examining your mouth, it is essential to clean your dentition. If it is plagued by plaque and tartar, the whitening agent will have trouble acting.

So that it is not hindered by any obstacle, the dentist in Punjabi Bagh performs a descaling. In mild cases of dyschromia, this may be enough to find a pleasant shade and eliminate unsightly stains. The next step is to adopt impeccable oral hygiene to keep your smile.

Laser chair: how is the session?

In the dental clinic in Delhi, the professional first pass a protective cream on the lips and sets up a spacer that will keep your mouth open. He then installs protections on the gums, the mucous membranes, and the skin. He can then apply the whitening gel on the dentition.

A lamp equipped with a laser beam then projects light; it makes it possible to enlarge the pores of the enamel to facilitate the penetration of the product, which is photosensitive. After only an hour laser teeth whitening in Paschim Vihar, the results are immediate and visible.

The whitening lamp

This is the same principle as the laser lamp but without the laser. A cold blue light (ultrasonic ray) is projected to activate the gel applied to the teeth. The whitening lamp is used by the dentist in Kirti Nagar, for fast and effective teeth whitening in Patel Nagar.

Home Bleaching

“Home Bleaching” refers to home-based tooth whitening techniques. This may include commercially available toothpaste and whitening kits as well as devices prescribed by your dentist in Paschim Vihar. If the kits contain basic gutters, in office, we prepare impressions of your dentition, lower and upper. This will make dental moldings used to produce thermoformed gutters.

Adapted to your mouth, they gain comfort and efficiency. The whitening product will also be more suitable if it is entrusted to you by a professional than bought in the trade. Control appointments are scheduled throughout the period of home teeth whitening in Naraina.

teeth whitening in janakpuri

Outpatient sessions for home whitening

The front teeth whitening in Janakpuri can, therefore, be done at home, using the techniques of Home Bleaching. After creating the appropriate aligners for your jaw, the dentist in Delhi will explain how to use them with the whitening gel and in what dosage. Sometimes it is necessary to wear the gutters all night or only a few hours in the day and on a variable number of weeks. Everything depends on the balance sheet that has been established beforehand.

These outpatient sessions can be performed alone or in addition to a session at the dental clinic in Rajouri Garden. In this case, this will prolong the desired whiteness effect.

teeth whitening in naraina

Definitive Whitening

Whatever the dental whitening technique is chosen, the results will not be final. It is generally considered that the teeth whitening in Rajouri Garden must be renewed every two years or every year. This can be tedious. The dentist in Punjabi Bagh can then suggest you place dental facets, prostheses whose size and color will be personalized. They can also correct any flaws in your smile, such as misalignment.

This technique is also recommended for blackened teeth that do not react well to whitening, as well as for all teeth that have received composite resins or crowns. Their color should be reviewed after treatment to ensure the homogeneity of your smile.

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