Orthognathic surgery is aimed at patients who need to correct severe defects in their facial bones that affect chewing, respiration and aesthetics of the face. Some of the cases dealt with are: class II, class III, open bite, asymmetries, gingival smile …

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery aims to correct the size and position of the maxillary bones that have not developed correctly, either by excess or by defect. It is carried out when the disproportion is so severe that it affects in a relevant – and negative – way the life of the person in terms of chewing, aesthetics or breathing.

What is combination treatment?


While orthodontics does not have to be accompanied by a surgical intervention, orthognathic surgery always goes hand in hand with orthodontic treatment . The combination of both procedures is due to the fact that if the bones of the face have a disproportionate size and position, orthodontics alone will not achieve an optimal functional and aesthetic result.

Phases of treatment

Diagnosis and planning

Planning for maxillofacial surgery begins with a one-year orthodontic treatment . During this phase, the weight falls on the orthodontist, who is the one who must carry out a facial study based on radiographs, photographs and models of the teeth. After this, he will make the appropriate measurements and calculations , which he will present to the surgeon.

Surgical intervention

The surgery lasts four hours and is carried out by general anesthesia. With the aim of not leaving visible scars , it is done through intraoral incisions.


After surgery, it takes approximately one month for the patient to fully re-establish their usual routine. During the first days, you will have facial swelling and you will find inconveniences to eat, talk and do physical activities.

Monitoring and orthodontics

Once the surgery is done and after the postoperative period, the patient must continue with the orthodontic treatment for two more years .

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