Microimplants are small temporary fixings that are placed anchored in the bone for use during orthodontic treatment. They are like a small “pin” placed on the gum on which we can rest to make different movements in the teeth. Once the orthodontic treatment is finished, they are removed with local anesthesia in a simple procedure.

Dr. Akash use this auxiliary technique to achieve the best results in their orthodontic cases. Without this tool, many complex cases could not be addressed.

Why are microimplants used in orthodontics?

In orthodontics we apply forces to move the teeth. Every force applied in one direction will have a reaction of the same magnitude to the opposite side.

If we want to move the teeth of the anterior sector backwards, we have to rest on the back teeth so that the movement can occur and this force will produce a forward movement of the posterior sectors.

If our treatment goal is to retract the anterior front only (because the patient’s teeth are excessively placed outward) we do not want any undesirable movement of the posterior teeth.

By placing the microimplants a maximum anchorage is achieved (since they are temporarily fixed to the bone). In this way the upper incisors can be retracted back to the fixed target.

 What are the advantages of the microtornillos?

  • Thanks to its use, much more complex movements can be made that would be impossible only with the appliance.
  • Some cases that could only be treated with orthodontics and surgery can be solved orthodontically thanks to the microscrews.
  • It is a simple and painless procedure for the patient.
  • It opens a lot the range of movements that can be made and cases that can be performed with orthodontics.

How are the microtornillos placed?

They are placed in a very simple and short intervention, in which Dr.Ferrús uses local anesthesia in the area. There are mini orthodontic implants of different lengths depending on where they are going to be placed. 
It is not necessary to give stitches, just an ibuprofen when finished. The patient will notice a small button protruding from the gum. This button will remain in that position for a few months until it fulfills its function and then it will be removed very easily. The intervention does not last more than 5 minutes.

Will the surgery hurt me or the days after I put them on?

No. It is a very small surgery on the gum that does not bother anything. You can make normal life and there will be no inflammation of the area or pain. Sometimes the first day you have to take an ibuprofen if you notice some sensation in the area where it has been placed.

Can you see the microscrews?

No. The microtornillos are placed in the gum usually in the most posterior areas of the mouth (molars) and at a height above the smile arch so they will not see or talk or smile.

Once they have been placed how they are used?

On the same day of the intervention, an elastic band or chain that hugs the microtornillo and will be attached to the orthodontic device worn by the patient can be placed. (Whether lingual brackets , transparent sapphire brackets or metal brackets ). In each monthly appointment this elastic module will be changed, which is attached to the microtornillo to reactivate the force and move the teeth.

How long will I have to carry them in my mouth and how many?

The planning of the use of the dental micro implants is done at the beginning of the treatment after carrying out the detailed study of the case. That is why each case is different and its use is totally individualized.

In general they are usually used from 2 to 4 microtornillos of average that are placed in the later zones but it depends on each concrete case. If they are used to straighten the molars, only one is placed adjacent to the molar that we want to straighten. The average time of use is usually from 8 to 12 months.

Thanks to the use of microtornillos we can …

  • Perform the distraction of the upper molars to correct the bite.
  • They allow mass retraction of the vestibulized upper incisors.
  • They help us to make the straightening of the molars lying down.
  • They facilitate the realization of the posterior dental intrusion for the correction of the open bite.
  • Being an absolute anchorage (do not move) facilitate movements by shortening the treatment time and achieving better movement results.

The microtornillos are a fundamental tool for the achievement of the objectives in orthodontics and thus be able to achieve the best results in each case.

At the Ferrus&Bratos Clinic we have the latest technologies and techniques to achieve excellence in treatments.

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