Dental hygiene: take care of the health of your mouth

The cleaning carried out by our professionals has a minimum duration of 40-50 minutes and includes, in addition to in-depth hygiene, a general review and an explanation of the healthy routines you should follow at home.

What is a professional mouth cleaning for?

Professional dental cleaning or prophylaxis is a treatment that helps maintain good health of our mouth. Its importance lies in that during daily hygiene we can not eliminate all the remains of food that tend to accumulate in less accessible areas for the brush, such as molars or interdental spaces.

Consequences of lack of hygiene

Insufficient oral hygiene causes the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the mouth, which is the prelude to caries and periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis):


It is a lesion that damages the dental enamel and that, in case of not treating it by means of a filling, it ends up affecting the internal structures of the tooth: dentine and nerve.


It is the most moderate version of periodontal disease and causes inflammation, redness and bleeding of the gum . It is cured with professional hygiene.


It is the most aggressive version of periodontal disease and involves a progressive destruction of the tissues that support the tooth. If left untreated, the tooth falls out .

Treatment steps

  1. General review

In each hygiene, the whole mouth is revised in order to prevent and detect certain diseases or asymptomatic problems.

  1. Ultrasound

Using a small tip that vibrates and pressurized water we remove the accumulated scale, focusing especially on the areas that the patient finds it difficult to access with the brush.

  1. Brushing with special paste and aeropulidor

We passed a brush with the prophylaxis paste and the bicarbonate aeropulidor to remove superficial stains that could have remained attached to the tooth (coffee, tobacco, tea …) and recover its natural white.

  1. Dental floss

We will slide the silk between tooth and tooth without applying force. If the patient needs it and there is enough space between their teeth, we will also pass an interproximal brush of the proper caliber.

  1. Interproximal strips

With the interproximal strips we eliminate the stains between tooth and tooththat could not be removed in the previous procedure. In this way, we will give the tooth the final shine.

  1. Hygiene techniques

We show the technique of brushing with both manual and electric brush. In addition, you can consult all your questions about what brush, toothpaste or rinse is most suitable for you.

  1. Fluorization

With fluoride not only will we leave a pleasant taste in the mouth, but we will also increase the resistance of the enamel of the teeth. In this way, you will be more protected against the action of bacteria and, therefore, have less chance of developing caries.

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