April 19, 2019
best dentist in Rajouri Garden
best dentist in Rajouri Garden

Dental Treatments, The Allies of Our Oral Health

Dental treatments are dental techniques to correct various dental pathologies. For every dental problem, there is an adequate treatment, from the simplest ones such as sealants to the most complex ones such as dental implants, all dental treatments offer optimal results for our dental health.

What they are and what types exist?

Dental treatments are procedures performed by a dentist in Tagore Garden to maintain good oral hygiene.

There are different treatments according to the needs and these can be aesthetic or medical.

Among the most common treatments we find:

  • Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening in Tagore Garden consists of eliminating enamel by means of chemical substances, everything that alters its original color. The most suitable procedures for each patient should be chosen according to the diagnosis, which is carried out after a dental examination and an adequate clinical history.

  • Dental veneers:

They are restorative dental procedures done at the dental clinic in Tagore Garden aimed at “masking” the visible surface (or front) of the tooth, in order to correct aesthetic or pathological problems of teeth caused by dental decay, previous restorations, fractures, color changes or alterations in the shape dental.

  • Dental implants:

Dental implant in Tagore Garden is a procedure for missing teeth. It is like an artificial root, in the form of a screw made with an innocuous material such as titanium, and that has the ability to join bone (osseointegration) and fix that implant, a piece of imitation, which makes the functions of this piece without no hassle

  • Orthodontics:

It is the dental treatment that involves the use of removable appliances or brackets to straighten the teeth, close spaces between them, align them or correct the irregular bite. It can also serve as a support or previous step in other types of treatments, for example, to create the necessary space for a dental implant.

  • Periodontics:

They are procedures that focus on diseases that attack the gums and other support structures around the teeth normally performed by an oral surgeon in Tagore Garden.

  • Endodontics:

Also known as root canal treatment in Tagore Garden, it is a procedure that acts on the inside of the tooth and allows to preserve the tooth, the bone, the gum that surrounds it and its functionality.

  • Dentures:

They are prosthetic devices built to replace lost teeth and are supported by the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

  • Oral surgery:

It is a specialty of Dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, wounds, and defects of the mouth and tooth structure.

Remember that before performing any treatment, an assessment by the best dentist in Tagore Garden is necessary to obtain the best results and maintain adequate oral hygiene.